ProjectLibre Practice Project

Build ProjectLibre projects the right way. Avoid common pitfalls by following the numerous of Do’s and Don’ts presented throughout this course.

Learn powerful open source project management software skills. This easy to follow course takes you through an example of how to use ProjectLibre to build and track a basic project plan. By following the steps presented in this course, you’ll build the skills to use ProjectLibre to manage a live project plan in your organization or for your personal needs.

Check your results compared with the free example file. Download the free finished example project file to compare your progress or experiment with various actions on your own.

Course Curriculum

Introduction To This Course
Lesson 1: Creating the Project Plan File and Project Calendar
Lesson 2: Choosing Overall Project Parameters—Start Date and Calendar
Lesson 3: Listing Project Tasks
Lesson 4: Organizing the Outline and Scheduling Tasks
Lesson 5: Adding Project Resources
Lesson 6: Assigning Resources to Tasks
Lesson 7: Saving the Baseline for the Plan
Lesson 8: Tracking Completed Work for Tasks
Lesson 9: Sharing Results through Views and Reports
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What's included?

1 Video
10 PDFs
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Lisa A. Bucki
Lisa A. Bucki

About the instructor

An expert in project management software, Lisa A. Bucki is the author of ProjectLibre Practice Project: The Step-by-Step Solution for Success and has written or collaborated on dozens of books, ebooks and online tutorials covering a variety of software and technology subjects including Microsoft Project, Photoshop, Keynote for the Mac, iPhoto, Windows, and digital photography

She has also written software reviews and profiles of online retailers and products for popular online deals site, as well as serving as that site's Money Monday blogger for a period. In her consultant and trainer role, Bucki has polished branding and marketing materials for clients and conducted training courses for Microsoft Project, Word, and Excel. As co-founder of 1x1 Media, LLC, Bucki helps guide the publishing plan and is instrumental in the company’s content development strategy.

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