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The goal of this course is to teach you, the startup founder, the fundamentals of early-stage startup valuation. 

If raising money from either Angel investors or VCs is somewhere in your startup future, this is the course for you!

By the end of this course, you will have:

  • Reviewed the basics of early-stage startup valuation mechanics and startup funding rounds.
  • Learned the most critical Basic Valuation Equations
  • Learned how to talk with investors about your valuation targets.
  • Reviewed common pitfalls associated with startup fundraising and valuation.

And, you will have:

  • Walked through 5 different valuation methods used to estimate and validate the valuation for your startup.
  • Learned how to talk about and defend your valuation with investors.
  • Studied how to test your valuation and dilution targets in a Cap table
  • Ultimately, by the end of this course, you’ll be able to speak confidently with investors about the fundraising process, your target valuation, and dilution limits.

The course contains 17 detailed lessons, and each lesson contains several elements, including:

  • Animated and narrated video segments explaining the lesson topic in detail.
  • Narrated screencast walkthroughs showing how to use the spreadsheet templates included in the lesson.
  • Structured PDF Summaries of each lesson, available for downloading and print out for future reference.
  • And numerous 1-page PDF worksheets that serve as a quick reference to each valuation method taught in the course.

We’ve also included four valuable course extras to accelerate your startup journey:

  • The Startup Valuation Explorer spreadsheet, which includes formulas and templates for each of the valuation methods covered in the course.
  • The Raise Amount/Dilution Explorer spreadsheet, with templates for estimating your funding raise amounts and founder equity dilution targets.
  • The Ultimate Angel Funding Checklist to help you keep an eye on all the details of your startup fundraising efforts.
  • And lastly, a complete early-stage startup Cap Table spreadsheet, to test your funding round assumptions and valuation goals and milestones.

Course Curriculum

Lesson 16: Accounting Valuations Summary

What's included?

30 Videos
28 PDFs
Stephen Poland
Stephen Poland
Lead Instructor

About the instructor

Stephen R. Poland has worked with hundreds of startups and entrepreneurs, mentoring them on startup mechanics, funding plans, pitch decks, financial models, and due diligence documentation for the angel funding process.

Steve brings more than 20 years’ experience in startups and entrepreneurship to his career. Leveraging leadership roles with the Walt Disney Company, MacMillan Publishing, and Bertelsmann, Steve co-founded startups in the digital music and on-demand media manufacturing sectors, as well an early days anti-virus product. 

Along with being co-founder of 1x1 Media, Steve works as a venture growth advisor in Western North Carolina.

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